Christine Blank
Contributing Editor Christine Blank is a freelance writer based in Florida.
Multidrug-resistant HIV drug on the horizon
After a successful phase 3 study, a breakthrough therapy to treat multi-drug resistant (MDR) HIV-1 is expected to launch in the United States in 2017.
Bridging the online pharmacy knowledge gap
A majority of pharmacists don’t talk to patients about online pharmacies.
Gilead promises generic versions of new hepatitis drug
After Gilead received FDA approval for a new drug for chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV), it said low-cost, generic versions would also soon be available. That is good news for Gilead, which has been targeted by Congressional representatives for the high cost of Sovaldi and Harvoni hepatitis C treatments.
Breakthrough lymphoma drug on the horizon
FDA granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation to brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris, Seattle Genetics) to treat patients with the most common subtypes of lymphoma.
How Pharmacies are Helping Patients with Diabetes
When pharmacists get involved in patient care, significant improvements are often seen. Diabetes management is one of the most notable examples.
Insulin makers accused of price collusion
U.S. congressmen last week asked the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate three insulin makers for price collusion—the latest in concerns over insulin prices.
Drug costs chief concern of Medicare recipients
Medicare Part D recipients are most concerned about prescription drug costs—and their co-pay costs are the most important factor when choosing a pharmacy.
Pharmacist involvement key in heart risk screening
Pharmacists’ involvement in cardiovascular risk screening resulted in referrals to physicians for patients who were under-diagnosed.
How community pharmacies are affecting flu vaccine rates
The U.S. rate for adult flu vaccinations has not increased significantly because of retail pharmacy access.
Eligible infants not getting rotavirus vaccine
Researchers found that estimated coverage for RV at 19 to 35 months of age lags behind the other vaccines recommended at ages two, four, and six.


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