Christine Blank, Contributing Editor
Using NOACs Reduces Bleeding Risks
Dual antithrombotic therapy using dabigatran significantly reduces risk of bleeding compared to triple therapy using warfarin.
Newer Anticoagulants May Reduce Intraocular Bleeding
The risk of intraocular bleeding was reduced by one-fifth when using newer anticoagulants versus warfarin in a new study.
Generic Pricing Lawsuit Against CVS Dropped; Walgreens Suit Stands
CVS Health executives are pleased that a lawsuit alleging collusion with PBMS on generic drug costs has been withdrawn.
CA Drug Pricing Bill Set to Pass Despite Generic Concerns
A California bill aimed at curbing drug prices is about to be signed, despite concerns it will raise generic drug prices.
Rivaroxaban Shown to Cut Risk of Cardiovascular Events
Rivaroxaban (Xarelto, Janssen/ Bayer) has been found to significantly reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks in patients with artery disease.
Law Reauthorizes FDA Fees and Increases Access to Generics/Biosimilars
Senate passes FDARA overwhelmingly, ahead of September deadline.
Gottlieb Pushes for Generic Drug Access
Brand name drug companies are "gaming" the system, according to the FDA head.
Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar Savings
Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar Savings
Savings from generic and biosimilar drugs are making PBMs and pharmacies, as well as patients, happy.
Generics Savings Continue, but Work Remains
Generic drugs make up 90% of prescriptions.
Why Generic Drug Prices Are Dropping
Why Generic Drug Prices Are Dropping
Pharmacy chains are forcing lower generic prices for their customers.


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