Christine Blank, Contributing Editor
Generic Cholesterol Meds a Boon for Patients
Two recent generic cholesterol-lowering drugs are helping reduce health-care costs.
Priority Generic Drugs to Get Faster FDA Review
FDA will shorten the review periods for priority generic drugs by two months.
Supreme Court Ruling Raises Biosimilars’ Access
High court ruling should make biosimilars available faster.
AAM Report on Generics Finds High Brand Abandonment Rate
Patients are less like to buy a requested brand name prescription than a generic one.
How Diabetic Kids and Teens Can Improve Quality of Life
Good glucose control can help children and teens with type 1 diabetes boost their quality of life.
Pharmacist Intervention Improves Diabetes Drug Trials
Interventions by pharmacists can help improve the results of diabetes clinical trials.
How to Cope with Residency Stress
Residency programs are teaching young pharmacists how to cope with stress.
Keep prescription drug benefits in ACA, NCPA urges
NCPA sends letter to Senate on prescription issues in health-care reform.
Nevada Law on Diabetes Meds Has a Setback
The Nevada law to fight high diabetes drug prices has stumbled.
New Programs Aim to Curb Diabetes Drug Costs
Drug makers are starting plans to help patients pay for diabetes drugs.


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