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[BLOG]: Pain management: Can we balance patient access, safety and economic value?Pain management is a problem for patients, practitioners, pharmacists, and others. Many patients are not getting the care and relief they deserve, even when they suffer from acute or chronic pain. In this blog post, Srinivas Nalamachu, MD asks if its possible to balance patient access to pain medication with safety and economic value.
[BLOG]: Sepsis: 4 things formulary managers can do to save lives, resources4 things formulary managers can do to save lives and resources.
[BLOG]: Obesity drug safety review
[BLOG]: Obesity drug safety reviewIn this blog post, Robert Kyle of AdverseEvents compares the results of a postmarket survey of 3 obesity drugs.
[BLOG]: Use and abuse of opioids: FDA respondsIn this blog post, David Calabrese RPh, MHP and Andrea Marks, MS discuss Catamaran's research on opioid abuse. Catamaran is concerned about opioid misuse and is moving forward with plans to combat opioid abuse.
[BLOG]: 741 drugs in antibiotics pipeline, few first-in-classAntibiotic resistance has grown at an alarming rate over the last few decades. To prevent a post-antibiotic era in which common infections could become lethal, an estimated 20 novel families of antibiotics must be developed in the next 50 years. Political groups in both the U.S. and Europe are each working to promote new development, but there are concerns the results may not come in time.
[BLOG]: Big pharma and the new trend of acquisitionsBiologic and pharmaceutical companies, along with their financial advisors or venture capital partners, have used mergers and acquisitions over the years to create value to keep their leading positions in a changing market. The era of pharmaceutical companies relying on blockbusters for their growth is over as more and more of these drugs have faced patent expiration, with no indication that new medicinal discoveries will emerge to take their place.
[BLOG]: Clinical pharmacogenomics: Meeting the needs of the community through a dedicated clinic
[BLOG]: Clinical pharmacogenomics: Meeting the needs of the community through a dedicated clinicBLOG: Pharmacogenomics is the study of how DNA differences affect response to medications. This can explain why similar patients have different reactions to the same medication even if they receive the same dosage. The pharmacogenomics clinic at NorthShore is the first step toward a larger implementation.
[BLOG]: FDA approves first biosimilar in US, may lead to easier access to biologic medications for patientsIn this guest blog post, Larry LaMotte, spokesperson for Patients for Biologics Safety & Access and Vice President of Public Policy at the Immune Deficiency Foundation, discusses the possibility of biosimilars helping increase access to vital medications for patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions.
[BLOG]: Best Practices between formulary managers and pharmacists to address challenges in COPD readmissionsTo address the burden of COPD on hospital expenditures, on October 1, 2014, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services included COPD in its Hospital Readmissions Reductions Program. This inclusion resulted in reduced Medicare reimbursement for hospitals that demonstrate excessive 30-day COPD patient readmission rates.
BLOG: Time to show and tell about antibiotic stewardship programsPresident Obama’s recent proposal to nearly double funding for antibiotic resistance programs to $1.2 billion in the 2016 federal budget confirms that the battle against “superbugs” is indeed moving up the government agenda.